Girl Scout Cookie Oven – Girl Scout Cookies Video Unbox and Review

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Huge Fall Mall Haul!

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Home Decor DIY – Wall Art

Hello! Here’s a quick little DIY video for you guys to try. It’s easy and inexpensive, plus I had lots of fun making it! I actually filmed three DIYs but decided to just do this one!

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Mockingjay Part 1: Movie Review


Hello! In this post I’ve decided to do a movie review of Mockingjay Part 1. This review is for entertainment only, I was not given a product to then review, like in some of my other reviews. Lastly, this review CONTAINS SPOILERS so if you haven’t read the book or seen the movie and plan to, please be aware that I will give things away.

Overall, I loved the movie and I thought the cast did an amazing job portraying their character’s emotions. Katniss’ (Jenifer Lawrence’s) facial expressions when she saw that Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) was alive were very well done and was how I imagined it would be while reading the book. The movie also triggered emotions for me. For example, in the scene where all of district 13 is heading downstairs due to Peeta’s warning, the lights flashed, the alarm was loud, and all the people were in panic. With the flashing and the alarms you really feel as if you’re there and in a state of panic as well. I also wondered how the alarm would sound in the movie and it really felt like it was designed to drive people downstairs, just as Katniss said in the novel. Another scene was the one where hijacked Peeta tried to strangle Katniss. It was an intense scene even though you knew the outcome from reading the book. Lastly, the final scene of part 1 where Peeta is thrashing around and Katniss watches in horror really made me watch in horror as well. The acting in this scene was great  but certainly difficult to watch.

Although I loved the movie, I was disappointed and shocked that certain crucial scenes had been cut. For example, when Katniss meets up with Coin and Plutarch with her conditions for being their mockingjay they completely eliminated one of my personal favorite conditions; I kill Snow. I hope that this topic is brought up in part 2, because I NEED to see the scene where she shoots at Coin instead of Snow. Next, I feel that Coin was portrayed as innocent. While that’s what Katniss believes for a while, I think she should have been shown as evil at some point. I hope her character will change slightly in part 2 and be portrayed for who she truly is. Lastly, I was very disappointed with part 1’s ending. I understand the movie is 2 parts and cutting it there was a smart move business wise but Peeta being my favorite character I really wanted to see more. But I guess that only builds up my excitement for part 2!!

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Make Your Case – Make Your Own Iphone Case Review

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Poptropica: Super Power Island, How to Defeat Betty Jetty


If you are just starting out with Super Power Island I recommend reading my previous articles on how to defeat the other villains.

In my opinion, Betty Jetty is the most difficult villain to defeat. It took me several days of attempts to finally defeat her and you’ll have to spend a solid 20 to 30 minutes just chasing after her before you even get close, which I think is a little too much. Anyway, Betty will fly off the top of a gigantic building into the sky and you have to fly after her and handcuff her. So obviously you’ll need a flying ability. To get your flying ability, defeat the other 5 villains and then head to the telephone box. You’ll see that the phone is ringing, so go inside and answer it. Once you do, you get swept into a bunch of circles that give you the ability to fly. Next, head to where Betty is and fly up to the top. She’ll say “catch me if you can” and fly away. Unfortunately, Poptropica makes it so you cannot move while she flies off, giving her a headstart. Once you can move again, fly up to the sky and chase her. You’ll have to fly behind her and avoid the star shaped green things she’ll throw at you. Keep chasing her until you can touch her and once you touch her you both will appear on the building she flew off of and she’ll say that it’s not that easy and basically that you haven’t defeated her yet. But lucky for you, your new sidekick arrives just in time and knocks her out. Click on her to handcuff her.

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Poptropica: Super Power Island, How to Defeat Ratman


If you have just began playing Super Power Island, I recommend reading my other articles on how to defeat Copy Cat and Speedy Spike.

Ratman was the 3rd villain I decided to defeat and I actually found him by mistake. After defeating Copy Cat and Speedy Spike I went through the next screens and found Sir Rebral (the one moving the rocks). I checked the women’s bathroom for something to help me defeat him and found it in a disgusting state. I also found an exit to the sewers and went inside. You’ll find many red things on the walls to turn that alter the water’s height. First go down the bottom (standing on one of those wooden planks),then the top again, then the middle and on the left you’ll see a door. Make sure you enter quickly. You’ll need to jump from wooden plank to wooden plank to reach all the red things. If you have some trouble figuring that out just mess with the red things and you’ll eventually get the water level correct (again I found him by mistake and did the same thing). Once inside you’ll see Ratman’s little rat friends. Climb up the pipes that have rats on them, avoiding the rats and you’ll see a red thing just like the others to turn. That will drop water onto Ratman, causing him to sit down. Quickly run over to him and click him but watch out for the bugs that will follow you.

– I apologize for the lack of description on this article. I had no intentions of finding Ratman and just wanted to see where the exit led. Due to that, I didn’t pay much attention to the steps I was taking. Thanks for reading and please look out for more Poptropica articles.

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Poptropica: Super Power Island, How to Defeat Speedy Spike


If you are just starting out with Super Power Island I recommend you read my previous article on how to defeat Copy Cat.

Okay,so defeating Speedy Spike. He’s the 2nd one I chose to defeat. I know that if you run through the screens in order you’ll come across Betty Jetty. My first time, I climbed to the top in an attempt to stop her but of course I couldn’t fly. You’ll only gain your flying ability after defeating the other villains. Next, I came across the subway and went down to it. Keep running though until you find the subway car and head inside it. Speedy Spike is in the last car so that’s where you need to go. On your way you probably slipped in water, keep note of where that is, it’s the key to defeating Spike. Once you’re in the last car, Spike’s head will turn red and he’ll attack you. Stay on his left once his head is red and after a few seconds, jump up and keep doing it a few times. I found that you should jump before you see him start his running at all and he’ll run right under you. After about 4 or 5 times, depending on how times he crashed into you, he’ll run to next car in anger or you can make him chase you. I found that he runs on his own most of the time. Once he’s ran to the next car, run to the left and do it all over again. Once he runs off a few more times he will run to the car with the water you slipped on. Make sure you don’t slip but he does. Once he’s fallen he’ll just sit there and you can click on him. Once you clicked he’ll be arrested.

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Poptropica: Super Power Island, How to Defeat Copy Cat


In Super Power Island the first villain you’ll have to defeat is Copy Cat. She’s robbed the bank about 2 or 3 screens down from where you started. Her “power” is duplicating herself and then spreading those duplicates throughout the bank. You need to just run into each duplicate to make it disappear. Doesn’t sound that hard, right? Well, she always happens to be equipped with a smoke machine that fills the whole place with smoke. You can only stay in there for a few minutes before you’ll start coughing and automatically exit. Each time you go back in, all the lines start from the beginning and you need to get every duplicate again. This part got me so frustrated for a while and I was pretty sure it was impossible, but then I discovered an easier way. While hunting all the duplicates down you’ll need to use an elevator to get to the 2nd floor. I had just clicked the button while hunting them once I was ready and that’s what wasted my time. What you need to do is walk to your right after entering and press the elevator button. That way when you need it, it’s ready. Then quickly jump from place to place to place upstairs as well. After defeating the whole upstairs floor, you’ll think you’re done but there’s one more that I noticed won’t appear until everyone else is gone. She’s on the second lamp hanging from the wall (right side) and you’ll need to jump up to get her. Lastly, if you hadn’t noticed there’s another one that shows up right away, but is tricky to get. She’s on the other lamp (left side), so you’ll have to jump for her too. It’ll take a couple of attempts, but eventually once you memorize each duplicates location and get a hang of the pattern you’ll do fine.

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Awesome My Talking Angela App is Here!

My Talking Angela is the latest app starring the smart and stylish feline, launches worldwide on multiple platforms today.

Adding a customized level of interactivity and play to Angela’s lovable traits, My Talking Angela allows her two million-plus Facebook fans and millions more to nurture her from kitten to adult, while adding their own sense of style to Angela’s enchanting world.

This is the 15th app in the Talking Tom and Friends family, and follow up to last year’s My Talking Tom, which became the number one games app in 135 countries within ten days of its release.

Check out the “it girls” fashion-forward style and game play here! Would love to talk about a piece/review or item on My Talking Angela timed to its launch. More details are below and download the app at My Angela

In My Talking Angela, you feed and care for Angela through nine stages including baby, toddler, tween and adult, unlocking new activities and earning coins as you go. You can dress her in the latest chic fashions, jazz up various rooms in her home with new furniture, and decorate each with new themes, styles and colors. In addition, My Talking Angela encourages you to discover and play games with Angela, collect and trade stickers, and much more.

The iconic characteristics of Talking Tom and Friends remain present in My Talking Angela. She will talk back, and react to tickles and nudges in Angela’s comic fashion.

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